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Previous Work Projects

Check out Tiff's previous projects with past companies, clients and organizations!

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Work Team Meeting
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Marketing Portfolio - PR Agency

In the consulting industry, each situation is unique and requires a specific set of solutions. In this portfolio, I executed a variety of marketing related projects while working for a PR agency. Check out my portfolio!

Sample Marketing Plan

For each client, we create a specialized marketing plan for the consulting service of their choosing. Here is a Sample Marketing Plan created by us for your review!

"Why Marketing Is Essential For A Business," Created by Founder Tiffanie Smith

This powerpoint presentation provides an in depth look into the building blocks needed to grow any business through Marketing. Presented by Founder Tiffanie Smith at the 2021 Global Iot and RFID Summit, through GAO Tek.

Sample Marketing Flyer - Cushman and Wakefield

Here is a past exercise Tiffanie did for Cushman and Wakefield, where a flyer was designed for their commercial real estate market. There is no verbiage on the flyer - the purpose was
the design of the flyer. This flyer was created in Adobe Indesign.

Coworking Space
Sync Up

Marketing Portfolio

Check out Tiffanie's Marketing Portfolio! Here, it shows previous projects done for past companies Tiff has worked for.

Samples of newsletters, writing + media hits

Here are samples of Tiffanie's writing along with the design + content creation of a past companies newsletter.

Previous Projects : Projects
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